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How to fix a pushed in woofer speaker

This is overall the simplest method to restore your woofers or speakers pushed in dust cap / dented woofer or speaker.

Pushed in means the dust cap placed in the center of the woofer will get pused in.

By that the woofer looks bad with such an unshaped dustcap.

So the options are to repair or replace.

To replace you have to go find a spare shop where you'll get a same type dust cap.

Then you have to cut the old cap and use the gum to fix it.

Then wait for the gum to dry hard.

But to fix this by repairing is easy and fast.

A woofer with grey cone and black pushed in dust cap

Just use a glue stick and solve it in 2 or 3 minutes.

Melt any one side of the glue stick to a medum level.

Then press and hold the molten side of the glue stick on the pushed in dustcap.

After the molten glue gets hard, slowly pull out the glue stick.

The dust cap will come out in the correct shape as it was.

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