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tweeter connection to speaker

How to connect tweeters to speakers or woofers using polar and Non polar capacitor

Tweeters are one of the most important component used in speaker box of your audio systems

They will deliver high frequency audio output from audio signals. 

Tweeter connection is very simple if you are using filter capacitors

To connect tweeter to speaker or woofer using capacitors, is by just connecting in series between the positive of the speaker and positive of the Tweeter

Tweeter connection

Non polar or Bipolar capacitor are used in most speaker boxes

But if not available or in some cases you can use polar or normal electrolyte capacitor.

Non-polar or Bipolar capacitor

Tweeter connection to speakers

For these types of electrolytic capacitor, they don't have any poles, like positive or negative. 

They act just like a polyester or ceramic capacitor. A high value polyester capacitor can also be used for tweeter connection.

Polar capacitor / Electrolyte Capacitor

Tweeter connection

These capacitors are used in most circuits as they have poles, like positive and negative.  

These types of capacitors can be used by connecting the negative leads of two capacitors together and connecting the other two leads in series between the woofer and tweeter.

Tweeter connection using capacitor

Click the below image to: Watch this video on tweeter connection to woofers or tweeters on youtube channel electronics and electrical malayalam.

To get more detailed audio you must connect any types of good quality audio network or good quality high frequency filter capacitors

This tip is for connecting cheap low quality tweeter only.

You can use speaker passive crossover network to get good filtering of low and high frequencies.

Tweeter connection will be described in their description about how to connect and what to connect for good branded tweeters.

Bipolar capacitor connection

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Normal electrolyte capacitor to speaker

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