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5 Tips to increase Bass


Here I'm sharing with you 5 proven ways to get more bass from your subwoofer.

So you think your subwoofer need some more bass or your subwoofer don't have any bass!

Those two are different issues. If you need some more bass from your subwoofer, then that's a problem. If your subwoofer don't have any bass then that's another problem.

The tips below will help you in both situations.
  • What type is your Subwoofer
  • What type is your Amplifier
  • What type of Inputs or audio files do you use
  • Where do you place your Subwoofer
  • Is your subwoofer enclosure perfect


This is the first tip. By using those cheap low quality subwoofer, like a 1000 or 2000 rs subwoofers,  and blaming like the bass is low.

Or the amplifier has any problem and blaming the technician is not the right way.

While you buy select the right thing that you need. Then only you will get a good quality bass from your subwoofer.

There won't be any distortion or no bass problem


Use an amplifier that match exactly with you subwoofer.

For a 100 w RMS subwoofer You can go upto 200 w RMS amplifier.

Above that your subwoofer will get clipped because of that over power delivered by your amplifier.

Likewise For a 100 w RMS subwoofer if you connect with a 50 w RMS amplifier You won't get a good quality bass.

I've done a video about RMS matching @electronicselectricalmalayalam

Without matching the correct rms even if you have done all those other section of your audio system in the right way to
You won't hear any good quality bass.

So give your bass monitor the correct input that it needs


I've done another video about subwoofer placement. So, I'm combining some of those tips for you.

You will not get good bass if you place your Subwoofer anywhere you like in the room.

There are certain ways to setup your subwoofer at your room to your listening space.

Instead if you placed my subwoofer beside you and you are willing to get good bass experience. That's not right.

Each of our hearing experience is different. You might not be experiencing the same way as I'm listening.

Only if you did not set the box in the correct space, you can't get any good bass effect.

That's like the subwoofer bass should come out blending and mixing with the other channel speaker bass.

The way is we must not be able to locate where the subwoofer is.

It should mix with all the other channel's bass so that should be considered.

I've use the subwoofer crawl technique in one of my video.

You can go and watch that and try to check it out.


If you are playing a low quality audio file that is like 96 kbps,
how much bass quality you will get? 

You will hear a type of faded bass from such type of audio files.

The next level is 128kbps. Almost all those audio files are
available at 128kbps. So atleast that will do.

The best option is you try 320 or 256kbps type files.

You can play flac quality files to get the best audio quality.

There are so many online sites where you can play any songs
for free and check the difference.

You must try these experiments to see if what I'm saying is right or wrong.

By that only you can implement those in your audio systems to get good bass.


You can experience big bass from your small subwoofer by fixing polyfill inside your subwoofer box.

You must not fill,  you must fix it there.

I don't thing there is any rule of thump about how or how much to fill.

By fixing these on the internal wall of your subwoofer box, you can feel that depth in your subwoofer bass.

You can get rid of so many distortions from a small subwoofer you will get a feel like there is a heavy large subwoofer.

Filling the entire box with polyfill is after all not a right way.

By doing so if your box is of 2 liter, by stuffing it will go down to 1 liter.

And the depth or quality will be low.

On the wall or internal sides of the subwoofer box, at about 1 to 2 inch thickness is enough.

For a ported box you can fix the polyfill using cotton to block the polyfill coming through the port.

If you ar interested in watching how to do it, comment below.

I'll Post about that and also make a video about that.

So these are the 5 simple basic tips that help you get more bass from your existing subwoofer.

Are you interested in making your own subwoofer box? Then check out this subwoofer box making calculator that will make it easier.

If you are interested in watching these 5 tips on youtube, then most welcome.

So if you are interested to read or watch those pro tips about how to get a big bass or deep bass from your subwoofer, Then Comment below.

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