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How to find out burnt resistor value accurately

The burnt reisitor problem is a common issue with any circuit board.

Also it will create a major headache to the technician if the resistor is completely blown out.

If the center portion itself is burnt then it will be easy to find out.

Chech the two ends using multimeter and add the values.

That must be the approximate value of the resistor needed.

But in most cases that will be horrible. You will get the lead of the resistor with some ashes.

A circuit board with resistor and capacitors

Here is an equation or you can say formula to find out the exact value.

For certain conditions it will be complicated.

But, try this. It's easy if you try to understand the procedure.

" Resistor value = Source Voltage - Load Voltage / Desired Current "

1. In the above formula, the source voltage is the voltage present at the input of the burned resistor.

2. Load voltage is the voltage needed for the load to function.

3. Desired current is the ampere needed for the load to function perfectly.

led connecting circuit

To find out the value, Simply subtract the load or needed voltage from the source or input voltage.

Then divide that result using the needed ampere range that may be from milli ampere to ampere.

Try this and comment below the result about your finding and also help me know if I need to correct or improve this post.

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