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How to check TDA2030 IC

How to check TDA 2030 IC Using Digital Multimeter

To check Tda 2030 Ic using a digital multimeter, there are some simple techniques. Here you can see one of the tip.

How to do it:

For that first connect the Red probe of the multimeter to the screw tab of the Ic and check the Leads using the Black probe.

Then you can find certain readings as shown in the below image. These results may change while you are using various multimeters.

So The trick is to check a fresh good quality Ic using your available multimeter and record the readings shown on the multimeter.

Then check the Ic that you are suspicious comparing the previous results that you've got while checking that fresh Ic.

Click this image to Enlarge.

This post will get updated by adding the other tips also, So stay tuned.

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