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Master switch 2 way connection

Master switch 2 way connection - How to connect master switch in two way

The above image is one of the wiring diagram on master switch 2 way connection. Usually many of our house have master switch. Here we'll see how we can connect two master switches from like, two bedrooms.

Master switch 2 way connection is a way of connecting 2 two way switches from two separate areas of the house to a master load. That will be some lights all around the house. By that you can switch ON and OFF the master load lights from two separate rooms.

Why master switch for lighting?

In case if you hear some unusual sound or activity around your house at night, you can use the master switch.

By switching ON a master switch you can light up almost all the lights you need all around the house.

If there is no master switch at our home, then you might be walking like blind folded in your house in search of light switch.

Master switch 2 way connection,master switch 2 way connection circuit

Then why we need master switch 2 way connection?

As mentioned above, you can control the master connection from two rooms. Another use of master switch 2 way connection is, if you accidentally switched ON the master switch while you were sleeping.

Master switch 2 way connection,master switch

In that case any one from the other room or hall saw the lights are ON, then he or she can switch OFF the lights from the other switch.

How to connect master switch in 2 way?

To connect master switch in 2 way, you need 2 two way switches in minimum rating of 16 Ampere.

Click the below image to: Watch this video in malayalam on how to connect master switches in 2 way:

(As you may already know that all the lights connected to master connection should have 2 way switches)

2 way switches are known as SPDT switches. (SPDT - single pole double throw)

It's like a switch with single input and two outputs or two inputs to a single output. You can use 2 way switches for so many other circuits too.

1. The circuit is, you have to connect the two throw's (two end connections) of the two switches in parallel.

2. Connect the Phase line to any of the switch pole (center connection).

3. Now connect the other pole to the master load side of the light switches.

4. Then connect the Neutral to all the lights directly from the distribution box.

5. Adjust the ON and OFF position of the 2 master switches by changing the throw connections of the master switches.

Now you can use your master switches from 2 way - 2 places.

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You can use the above circuit as master switch wiring diagram for your house. 

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