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Unbelievable Skill: One Hand Desoldering With GAOJIE's New Electric Desolder Pump

One Hand Desoldering With GAOJIE's New Electric Desolder Pump

Electric heating dual-purpose tin suction device

The 845SD electric heating dual-purpose tin absorber has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, novel structure, convenient use, and clean tin absorption.

It can be used to easily remove the components to be replaced from the circuit board without damaging the components and the circuit board. .

The advantages of replacing integrated circuits and multi-pin switches are more prominent.

This tin absorber can be used as a general electric soldering iron, and is an essential tool for electronic maintenance personnel.

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Unbelievable Skill: One Hand Desoldering With GAOJIE's New Electric Desolder Pump


1. Connect the power to the tin suction device, preheat for 3~5 minutes and then use it.

2. Push down the piston handle to lock it, align the front end of the suction nozzle of the tin aspirator with the solder spot of the component to be removed, after the solder is melted, press the control button, and the solder will be sucked into the cylinder.

3. The solder suction device is equipped with two nozzles with different diameters, which can be selected according to the thickness of the lead wire of the component.

4. When soldering, operate in the same way as using an electric soldering iron.

5. Lift the piston push rod as shown in the figure and pull it out to separate the positioning button assembly from the tin storage tray (as shown in the figure).

Loosen the fixing screw on the tin storage tube, take out the tin storage tube, and clean up the tin slag in the tube.

6. Rotate the nozzle counterclockwise to remove the nozzle.


1. The suction nozzle should be tightened to prevent air leakage, otherwise it will affect the tin suction effect.

2. Frequently remove the tin slag in the tin storage cylinder, and add a little engine oil to the piston.

3. After each use, push the piston 3~4 times to clear

Remove the residual solder in the straw for the next use.

4. This product is equipped with a through needle when it leaves the factory, please use the through needle frequently to clean it.

Adjust the straw to ensure the smooth flow of the straw.

5. After the tin suction device is powered on, it is strictly forbidden to install and disassemble its electric heating parts.

6. When the tin suction device is used for the first time, it may smoke slightly due to the heating of the heating element.

This is a normal phenomenon and it will disappear naturally after heating.

7. During use, it must be equipped with a soldering iron base with a natural heat dissipation structure. (It is recommended to choose the soldering iron stand produced by our company)

8. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a professional. repair.

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